Parish Mission Statement

We, the Christian family of St. Liborius Catholic Church,
are called through baptism to be Disciples of Christ.
We welcome all to our diverse community of faith.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit and brought together as a Eucharistic community,
we are building the Kingdom of God.

We thankfully and joyfully live the gospel message through the sacraments, community life, stewardship, administration, social justice, outreach, education, and faith formation.

We are the sign of Christ’s love in our community, our Joliet Diocese,
the universal Catholic Church, and throughout the world.

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At-Large Members:

Paula VanderMeer

Mike Darabaris

Larry Pelock

Denise Piscopo


Parish Pastoral Council

The parish pastoral council, in collaboration with the parish staff safeguards and promotes the unity of the parish community.  The council works with the entire parish community to create a vision for the future, to identify a clear mission and to develop long and short term goals.  It is responsible to see that the mission of the parish is lived and that the elements of parish life are supported.

Visioning is the primary work of the council.  Visioning is to focus on the future: how can St. Liborius function, grow and develop so that it is a continued empowerment of lived faith, living out our mission to make and nurture disciples?  The council’s work is strategic.  Its focus is not on implementation, but rather on establishing focus and direction.  The council is challenged to remain in touch with the parish community and to understand the parish mission, in and through its dynamic parish elements.

The council is responsible to the whole parish making sure that the well-being of the entire parish is considered.  It does not direct or manage the commissions or ministries, but rather guides them toward the parish mission and goals, encouraging them to implement activities that will align their work with the parish direction.

Nancy Kaz

Administration Commission

The Administration Commission is responsible for the overall planning, providing for and supervising of the financial affairs and physical properties of the parish. Accountants and non-accountants alike are all welcome to join.

Joanne Bernar

Communication Core Team

The Communication Core Team’s purpose is one of strengthening our church’s internal and external communications in publications and promotions. The Communications Core Team reaches the congregation and our communities through media in order to inspire, inform, and invite participation in the life, mission, and purposes of the Church.

Kate Cummings

Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission is responsible for the on-going faith formation needs of all age groups in the parish. The Commission is charged with the responsibility of coordinating and providing life-long Christian formation opportunities for all members of the parish.

Jill Raymond

Parish Life Commission

The Parish Life Commission is responsible for providing and maintaining a yearly parish-wide calendar of events that supports the parish community. Members also encourage a balance of ministries and activities that address the diversity of our parish’s needs, ages, lifestyles, and ethnicities.

Debbie Braccio

Spiritual Life Commission

The Spiritual Life Commission is responsible for providing the parish and parishioners with individual and communal opportunities for spiritual growth. They assess the liturgical and spiritual needs of the parish and plan according to those needs. They encourage and support the broader vision of evangelization for the life and mission of the Church.

Joe Zagone,

Stewardship Commission

The Stewardship Commission is responsible for developing stewardship as a way of life at St. Liborius. They evaluate the Stewardship efforts of the parish, assist with the Stewardship Renewal, and follow up with leaders concerning ministry participation. As Disciples of Christ, we receive God’s blessings gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, and share them joyfully. We use our time, talent and treasure, thereby bringing Jesus into the daily life of our brothers and sisters in Christ.